This 'article' appeared in the Juniors issue of the Aussie Times (official publication of ASCA)
Hi, my name is Caroline Ginty and I am a 9th grade high school student (as of Fall 2008). My first ever year of showing was the 2007-2008 year and, in very limited showing, I achieved the ASCA Degree of Excellence 1. I want to thank Judy Pedery-Edwards of Moonwater Aussies, who took me under her wing and taught me everything I know about conformation. She taught me grooming for the ring, handling, and brought me to all the shows. Her own dogs are my junior dogs and I have her to thank for all my successes. My first junior dog was Hula, Moonwater's Ridin' The Wave of Wiz, a then 2 year old blue merle bitch who is absolutely stunning. In my first show, showing her in October 2007, I won Best Ju
nior in 3 shows and Reseve Junior in 1 show. Not only that , but I showed her in the classes, and she won WB/BOW/BOB for her first points. She is a wonderful to dog to show, but when she went into heat, I needed another dog to show. Judy offered me Java, Moonwater's My Sweet Man of Wizard, a gorgeous 4 year old blue merle dog. Java was my juniors dog for the rest of the show year. We won some more BJH and some RJH and we were a great team. I made many friends, both juniors and adults, and I loved every minute of every show. Once again, I thank Judy Pedery-Edwards for all she's done for me, I thank all my fellow juniors for being so nice to a new junior, and I thank my parents for waking up early to take me places on show days and everything else they've done for me. I can't wait for next year and look out for a possible new juniors dog, Tonga, Moonwater's Ja'maican Me Crazy, in summer 2009.

Caroline's Gratitutde Video

Hi Judy,

Well I have to tell you, I have smiled so much in the past few days.  Layla is a JOY!!! She loves her crate.  She never cries when put in and only wakes up once during the night.  During the day I leave her to wander the apartment while I work but I have left her as long as 1.5 hours in the crate in front of Animal Planet and she did great.  We are getting out for about two long walks a day and she is socializing with many dogs.  When she is scared she hides behind her Mama but she is becoming more outgoing every day.

Thank You Again!!
Annie is wonderful and we are having so much fun with her


Hi Judy,
Thank you so much for Majesty.  She is such a joy! Majesty is just beautiful and a joy to the children. 

With gratitude,
Cheryl Pages

Hi Judy,
Trooper is such an amazing boy.  We all just love him.Thank you so much!


Hi Judy,
Thought you'd want some pictures of Taz as she had her first birthday on January 21.  As you can see, she's a beautiful and charming girl.  She hasn't found a toy yet that she can't tear apart, but she's smarter than any ten other dogs and we love her.  She'll run out front each morning and bring back the newspaper, lives to fetch and adores water.  Anyway, we thought you'd enjoy catching up and seeing what a delightful creature you brought into our lives.
Brad and Diane

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