Showmanship Team

In showmanship competitions, junior handlers move their dogs around the show ring in pre-determined patterns.  Handlers are evaluated on how closely they follow instructions and whether they present their dog properly, according to the dog's breed or type.  The quality of the dog is not strongly emphasized; emphasis is

Getting The Dogs Ready For A Show

on how the junior handler interacts with their dog and the judge.   Additionally, children are asked questions by the judge to test their dog knowledge.

The Moonwater Showmanship Team is made of six Junior Handlers, ages six through thirteen.  They train twice a month on the second and third Wednesday and then compete in local dog showmanship competitions.  Training is led by Judy Pedery-Edwards, owner of Moonwater Aussies and an award-winning showmanship competitor.  Visit the Show Teams page for information regarding enrollment.

Handler Spotlight

Elise and Cricket (Moonwater's Monday's Treasure) Elise and Cricket won many prizes in the 2010 show year including High Point in Showmanship at the April 4H Show!

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