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Aug 4-5, 2012   Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association Agility Trial   Prunedale, CA
We took all 6 six up to the PASA agility trial and showed Tonga, Toots, Tahiti, and Java. Java qualified in 3/4 regular runs, bringing his elite regular point total to 65 points. He also qualified twice in elite jumpers, bringing that total to 110 points. Tahiti qualified once in elite regular, bringing her to 15 points. She also qualified in all 3 rounds of elite jumpers finishing her JV-E title and she now has 40 points. Tonga qualified in open gamblers to finish his GV-O title! Toots was awesome and qualified in novice gamblers to finish her GV-N title, which means all the Moonwater dogs are out of novice in every class! She also qualified with 1st places in 2/3 open regular runs, earning 10 points toward that title. Overall, it was a very successful weekend and the dogs had a blast!

July 29, 2012   Seaside Australian Shepherd Club ASCA Shows   Carlsbad, CA
The 2nd annual SSASC July shows were a huge success in general and for the Moonwater dogs! Toots' sister Cricket, who is a certified service dog, was shown in the altered classes and won Winners Bitch in the AM and PM shows, going Best of Winners in the PM show for one point toward her championship. She also got her Canine Good Citizen title (CGC). Tahoe, shown by junior handler Angelina, won Altered Reserve Winners Dog in both shows. Angelina won a 1st and a 2nd place in junior handling as well. Tonga got his CGC as well. For the icing on the cake, Toots took Winners Bitch in the PM show for a 5 point major toward her championship!! She now has 8 points and 2 majors.

July 9, 2012   Happy 11th Birthday!
Happy birthday to the pups in our late Sugar Bear's second and last litter (Dad is CH Foxpointe's Chuggs Along CDX)! These include our very own Sassy Pants as well as Max Magoo :)

May 20, 2012   Happy 2nd Birthday!
Happy 2nd birthday to the 5 puppies in the final Sassy x Java litter!

May 17, 2012    Happy 3rd Birthday!
Happy 3rd birthday to the 7 puppies in the 3rd Sassy x Java litter! Indigo, Tahoe, Cookie, Zoey, Nike, Cocoa Latte, and Scout.

April 23, 2012    Happy 4th Birthday!
Happy birthday to our very own Tonga (Moonwater's Ja'maican Me Crazy) and all his siblings from the second Sassy x Java litter!

April 14-15, 2012   Jumpin' K-9's ASCA Agility Trial   Temecula, CA
We took all 6 dogs up to Temecula, although only 4 were competing. Toots and Angelina ran very well all weekend and qualified in open jumpers to finish her JV-O title - on to elite! Java qualified in 7/10 runs earning 3 elite regular Q's and 4 elite jumpers Q's and qualifying him and Caroline for the 2012 ASCA Junior Agility Finals in Bakersfield, CA in November! Tahiti qualified twice in elite jumpers to finish her JV-E title and also qualified twice in elite regular. Finally, Tonga qualified 3 times in elite jumpers to finish his JV-E title, qualified once in open regular to finish his RV-O title and gain a Hall of Fame point, and then qualified in elite regular the following day.

April 11, 2012   Happy 7th Birthday!
Two litters turn 7 years old today: The first Sassy x Java litter including our Hula, and the second Foxy x Wizard litter including Toots, Tyler, Ellie, and Yoda.

March 31, 2012   Happy 13th Birthday!
Happy 13th Birthday to the Sugar Bear x Dune litter! We celebrate Rooby, Jack, Muffy, and the others, while remembering Foxy, a once-in-a-lifetime dog. 

March 18, 2012   Performance Dog Training ASCA Agility Trial   La Jolla, CA
Another great weekend of agility, despite some horrendous rainy and cold weather! Tahiti qualified in open regular to finish her RV-O title and also Q'd in open jumpers to finish her JV-O title! Toots qualified in open jumpers too! 

January 21, 2012   Happy 3rd Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the Hula x Cooper puppies born Jan 21, 2009: Kahuna, Mookie, Porsche, Taz, and Rocko.

December 10, 2011   Performance Dog Training ASCA Agility Trial   La Jolla, CA
All the dogs did very well this weekend! Java qualified twice in elite jumpers, Toots qualified in novice gamblers and novice jumpers to finish her JV-N title, and Tahiti qualified in open regular (twice), open gamblers and open jumpers!

December 9, 2011   Happy 8th Birthday!
Happy 8th Birthday to the first Foxy x Wizard litter born Dec 9, 2003 including our own Java!

November 19, 2011   Tri-County ASC Agility Trial   Riverside, CA
3 members of the Moonwater agility team competed at the agility trial on Saturday with some fantastic results! Tonga qualified in Open Jumpers and Toots got 2 Novice Regular Q's to finish her RJ-N title, her first agility title! Java qualified with a 5 point Q in Elite regular! Angelina earned High in Trial Junior for the weekend too, so all in all it was a very successful weekend for the Moonwater dogs!

September 13, 2011   Happy 4th Birthday!
Happy 4th Birthday to Tahiti, Cooper, Scout, Woodie, and Ziva from the Foxy x Scooter litter!

August 20-21, 2011   COAST ASC Agility Trial   Cayucos, CA
For the 2nd year in a row we took the dogs (4 of them!) up to the beautiful central coast of CA in Cayucos for an agility trial. It was a high Q weekend for all the dogs! Toots got her first ever Q's in style going 3/4 and getting 2 novice regular Q's and 1 novice jumpers Q.
Tahiti qualified once in Novice Gamblers and in Novice Regular for her GV-N title and her RV-N titles respectively! Tonga got 3 Q's in open jumpers for his JV-O title! Java qualified once in Elite Gamblers, once in Elite regular, and twice in elite jumpers to finish his JJ-E title, which earned him points toward ASCA Junior Agility Finals in 2012 as well as High in Trial Junior for him and Caroline for the weekend! Overall we got 12 Q's and 4 new titles for the weekend!

July 30-31, 2011   Seaside ASC ASCA Conf/Obed/Agility   La Jolla, CA
Seaside Aussie Club held it's 2nd event this weekend in conjunction with ASCSDC and Performance Dog Training. Conformation: Tonga got 2nd in the Bred-By class in one show. Tyler won Altered Winners Dog in 2 shows for 2 points and  Altered RWD in 1 show. Tahoe, shown by his owner Angelina (junior handler) won Altered RWD in 3 shows. They also won their juniors class and competed for Best Junior! Obedience: Tahoe and Angelina showed in Sub-novice in one trial and then in Novice A, for their first time in the regular classes! They almost achieved a qualifying score except for one exercise. Tahoe is only 2 years old! Also, Judy showed Java in 2 of the obedience trials in the Novice B class, for his first time in the regular classes. He qualified both times for 2 of 3 legs needed for his Companion Dog (CD) title! Agility: Angelina qualified with Tonga in Novice Jumpers. Caroline handled him in gamblers and he qualified in novice for his GJ-N title! Then the next day he qualified in Open gamblers for the first leg toward his GJ-O title. Judy showed him in regular and he qualified in novice to earn his RV-N title. The next day he qualified with a 5 point and a 10 point Q in open so he is now halfway toward his RV-O title! Caroline showed Java in all but one of his runs. Angelina ran him in Open gamblers and had an awesome run! He qualified 3 times in Open Regular and earned his RJ-O title and once in Open gamblers to earn his GJ-O. He also earned his first elite jumpers Q!

July 9, 2011   Happy 10th Birthday!
Happy double digit birthday to Sugar Bear and Chuggs' pups born July 9, 2001!!

May 20, 2011  Happy Birthday  & Remembering
Today is a happy day and a sad day at Moonwater. We celebrate the 1st birthday of Sassy and Java's last litter of 5 puppies: Tessa, Gordie, Koa, Cody, and Daisy! However, it would have been our foundation bitch Sugar Bear's 16th birthday today. We still mourn her passing but we also celebrate her life and everything she gave Moonwater!

May 17, 2011 Happy 2nd Birthday!
Happy 2nd birthday to Sassy and Java's 7 puppies: Indigo, Tahoe, Cookie, Zoey, Nike, Cocoa Latte, and Scout!

April 23, 2011   Happy 3rd Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Sassy and Java's 9 puppies: Tonga, Moxie, Layla, Murphy, Marly, Nissa, Annie, Trooper, and Majesty. They are 3 years old today!

April 11, 2011   Happy 6th Birthday!
A very happy birthday to 2 litters born on April 11, 2005. The 2nd Foxy x Wizard litter: Toots, Tyler, Anton, and Cricket and the first Sassy x Java litter including Hula, Ellie, Kai, Luke, Lara, and Piper all turn 6 today.

March 31, 2011   Happy 12th Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the Sugar Bear litter born March 31, 1999: CH Foxy, Rooby, Jack, Bruno, Bernardo, Lacey, and Muffy. Still going strong at 12 years old!

March 12-13, 2011   ASCA Agility/Conf/Obed   La Jolla, CA
The Moonwater dogs and show teams attended the multi-venue event held by the Australian Shepherd Club of San Diego County with much success!
Conformation: Jaysea showed Cricket in the alterted competition and won her class and also showed Tahiti in juniors. Rebecca showed Tonga in juniors and won the Nov 8-12 class of 4 in one show. In the next show Angelina won the junior's class with Tahoe. Tahoe and Angelina also won their class in altered dogs. Jud
y showed Tyler in the altered dogs and in the afternoon show he got 2nd in his class and went on to Altered Reseve Winners Dog!
Obedience: Valorie showed Tyler in the sub-novice class for his first time. He was excellent and won 1st place!
Agility: Rebecca qualified with Tonga in novice regular and novice gamblers, which finished his GJ-N title! Angelina qualified with Java in open gamblers. Jaysea ran Java and Tonga and had some great runs for her first trial! Judy qualified with Tonga in novice regular twice. They earned High in Trial Veteran! Judy also ran Tahiti and qualified in novice regular and novice jumpers which finished her JV-N (novice jumpers) title! At almost 12 years old, Foxy is still out there running and having fun too!

January 21, 2011   Happy 2nd Birthday
Happy 2nd birthday to Hula and Cooper's first litter: Taz, Kahuna, Rocko, Porsche, and Mookie!
December 31, 2010   AKC Agility Trial   Escondido, CA
Caroline and Tahiti attended the AKC agility trial put on by the Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego at Hidden Valley Obedience Club in Escondido. It was Tahiti's first AKC agility trial and she was awesome! She NQ'd JWW (jumpers with weaves) due to a knocked bar and the weave poles, but then she Q'd in standard and got 1st place with a score of 95/100.

December 19, 2010   Seaside ASCA Conformation Show   Carlsbad, CA
Seaside Australian Shepherd Club held its first ASCA sanctioned event at Magee Park in Carlsbad, CA, which was well attended by Moonwater dogs and the Moonwater show teams. In the AM show, Angelina and Tahoe (Moonwater's Trouble in Lake Tahoe) won their juniors class and won altered reserve winners dog. They also earned their CGC (Canine Good Citizen), their first title! Tyler (Moonwater's Sneakin A Peak of Wiz), shown by Caroline, won altered winners dog for another point. Cricket (Moonwater's Monday's Treasure), shown by junior Elise, won altered reserve winners bitch. Daisy (Moonwater's Daisy Duke) and Koa (Moonwater's For the Love of Koa) both made their conformation debuts in the 6-9 bitch and dog class respectively. Despite the rain, it was a fun show!

December 9, 2010  Happy 7th Birthday
We wish a very happy birthday to the first Foxy x Wizard litter born 12/9/03: Java, Tux, Yoda, and all the other pups!

October 3, 2010   ASCA Agility Trial   Los Angeles, CA
Rebecca and Elise from the Moonwater show teams, as well as Judy took Java, Tahiti, Tonga, and Toots to the ASCA Agility Trial held by the Tri-County Aussie Association. Java Q'd in novice gamblers with a 1st place to earn his GJ-N title! Tahiti, handled by Judy, was 2/3 Q's with 1 each in gamblers (2nd place) and regular (1st place). Tonga got his first Q in novice gamblers with a 1st place! Toots almost Q'd in gamblers but for one jump. The dogs and team members are all improving with every trial!

September 13, 2010   Happy 3rd Birthday
Happy 3rd birthday to Tahiti, Ziva, Woodie, Cooper, and Scout!

August 21-22, 2010   ASCA Agility Trial   Cayucos, CA
Foxy, Java, Toots, Tahiti, and Tonga all took a road trip to beautiful Cayucos for the Agility Trial held by COAST Australian Shepherd Club. Java, with Caroline handling, qualified in 2 rounds of novice regular on Saturday to earn his RJ-N title! On Sunday he qualified in 2 rounds of Open Jumpers to earn his JJ-O title! Tahiti qualified in novice jumpers on Sunday with a 1st place. She also ran the non regular tunnelers class Saturday night and had the 5th fastest time out of all the 20" dogs! Toots and Tonga both had some great runs as well. Java and Caroline won their second High In Trial Junior Handler award!

July 24, 2010   ASCA Conformation Show   Oceanside, CA
Members of the Moonwater show teams showed in conformation, juniors, and obedience at the ASCSDC show. Angelina and her dog Tahoe (Moonwater's Trouble In Lake Tahoe) won Altered Reserve Winners Dog to a major in the AM show. Elise and Cricket (Moonwater's Monday's Treasure) won Altered Reserve Winners Bitch to a major in the PM show. Elise also won 2nd place in her junior showmanship class! Cole handling Tonga won 3rd place in his juniors class his first time showing. Judy handled Java in sub novice obedience and got 3rd place. Elise also showed Hula in intact conformation and won her class.

July 9, 2010   Happy 9th Birthday!
The pups from Sugar Bear and Chuggs' 2001 litter are 9 years old today! Moonwater wishes a happy birthday to Sassy, Max, and the other pups!

June 27, 2010   NADAC Agility Trial   Lakeview Terrace, CA
Tahiti, Java, Tonga, and Toots all competed at the NADAC trial held by Manzanita Agility Club in Lakeview Terrace. Tahiti qualified in 2/3 runs, getting her first regular and jumpers Qs. Java knocked a bar each of his 2 runs in open regular but the rest was great. Tonga got 2 Qs in regular and touch-n-go for his first NADAC trial. Toots qualified in touch-n-go as well! The dogs all did very well considering it was their first agility trial in a long time!

June 26, 2010  
San Diego County Fair 4-H Dog Show   Del Mar, CA
The fair was once again a successful event for the Olivenhein Valley 4-H Dog Group showing in obedience and in showmanship. Caroline handled Java and placed 2nd in obedience with a score of 191.5/200 and 1st place in the showmanship class! Elise and Cricket and Tonga showed very well in both events and Tonga had a very competitive score in obedience!

May 20, 2010   Puppies Have Arrived!!
Sassy and Java's 5 puppies were born on May 20th!! There are 3 boys and 2 girls, all blue merles. Go to the puppies page for more information.

May 8, 2010   ASCA Conformation Show   Oceanside, CA
Moonwater dogs and Moonwater teams rocked at the ASC of San Diego County shows! Tyler, Moonwater's Sneakin a Peak of Wiz, won Altered Winners Dog and
Best of Opposite Sex in the AM and PM shows for 2 points and 1 point respectively! Cricket, Moonwater's Mondays Treasure, won Altered Reserve Winners Bitch both shows. Both dogs were shown by members of the Moonwater Show Teams! Tonga was shown by Judy in intact conformation and won his class.

April 23, 2010   Happy 2nd Birthday!!
The Sassy x Java litter born in 2008 is all grown up and 2 years old today! Happy Birthday to the 9 puppies: Tonga, Moxie, Layla, Murphy, Marly, Nissa, Annie, Trooper, and Majesty.
(Here are the puppies at 5 days old)

April 11, 2010   Happy 5th Birthday!!
Two litters turn 5 years old today! Sassy x Java pups including: Hula, Ellie (Moonwater's Evening Elegance), and Piper (Moonwater's Charming Piper) and
Foxy x Wizard pups including Toots, Tyler, Anton, and Cricket. We wish all the pups a very happy 5th birthday!

April 10, 2010   4-H Buena Vista Dog Show   Escondido, CA
A few members of the Moonwater show team, who are also members of the 4-H Dog Group, attended the 4-H Dog Show at Felicita Park in Escondido, CA with very good results! Elise, handling Cricket, (Moonwater's Monday's Treasure) (Foxy x Wizard 2005) won High in Trial in Showmanship including a trophy!

March 31, 2010   Happy 11th Birthday!!
We wish Foxy, Jack, Rooby, Muffy, Bruno, and the other puppies from the Sugar Bear x Dune litter born March 31, 1999 a Happy 11th Birthday!

March 13, 2010   Agility, Conformation, and Obedience Show   Dehesa, CA
The Moonwater show teams attended the Australian Shepherd Club of San Diego County show on Sat March 13. It was many of the kids' first show of any kind. Competing in sub-novice obedience, there were many great performances and ribbons won as the kids competed against adults. In the agility ring, a few of the dogs were very distracted since they hadn't been in the ring in a while, but the kids handled it like pros and went on to win many 1st place ribbons! Finally, in the conformation ring, a few of the girls showed their Moonwater puppies in the altered and juniors competitions. Melissa and Scout (Tahiti's sister) won Reserve Winners Bitch in altered! Angelina and her puppy Tahoe (from the May 2009 litter) won Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex in both shows in the altered competition!

January 27, 2010   Page Update

The Past Litters page was updated with many more pictures, be sure to check it out! Please send new pictures to, we love seeing them!

December 9, 2009   Happy 6th Birthday!!
Java, Yoda, Tux, and the other Foxy x Wiz puppies born Dec 9, 2003 are 6 years old today!!

September 13, 2009   Happy 2nd Birthday to Tahiti, Woodie, Cooper, Ziva, and Scout!

Here is the litter as puppies, they sure have grown up!

August 27, 2009   Page Update 
The Agility page was updated with lots of new pictures and the Past Litters page was updated to show Hula's January 09 litter and Sassy's May 09 litter.

August 22, 2009   NADAC Agility Trial   Oceanside, CA
3 members of the Moonwater agility team attended their second NADAC sanctioned agility trial at Skydance Ranch in Oceanside. Many 1st places were won, Java earned his first open standard Q, and Toots earned her first ever standard Q. Tahiti showed marked improvement from her first trial 6 weeks before. Way to go team!

August 16, 2009   CPE Agility Trial   Bonita, CA
Tonga (Moonwater's Ja'maican Me Crazy) went with Caroline down to the CPE (Canine Performance Events) agility trial at Rohr Park for his agility debut. Running in level one, he had a lot of fun and came home with 2 Q's and 3 first places!! He did an outstanding job for his first agility trial and he has a bright future ahead of him. Accomplishments included: staying focused, no knocked bars (!), no missed contacts, and lots of fun in the ring.
August 1-2, 2009   ASCA Agility Trial   San Martin, CA
We took a road trip up to San Martin, CA to compete at the ASCA agility trial held by the
Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association. Foxy, at 10.5 years old, qualified in 2/3 runs, both with first places! She now has 2 legs toward her RV-O title. This was Toots' first ASCA trial and she ran very well. Only a couple knocked bars kept her out of the Q's this weekend.
She will be a knockout a year from now! Java qualified in 6/10 runs with Caroline handling. He had a 100% Q rate in jumpers, earned his first gamblers Q, and received 2 Q's in regular toward his RJ-N title (3 needed). His jumpers runs earned his novice jumpers title as well: JJ-N. Java and Caroline also recieved High in Trial Junior Handler.

July 19, 2009   Herding Instinct Testing   Oceanside, CA
Java, T
oots, and Tahiti all passed their herding instinct tests at Skydance Ranch in Oceanside! They are following in their grandmother Sugar Bear's footsteps with their drive to work the sheep. We will be taking herding lessons with the eventual goal of competing in ASCA herding trials. Check out the video here

July 10-12, 2009   Wags for Wishes   Chula Vista, CA
The Wags for Wishes event was the finale of our "Wags Camp" week. The Moonwater show, obedience, and agility teams also competed at this event. The kids showed in
juniors, obedience, and agility all weekend. Accomplishments of the weekend included:
  • Many placements and wins in the juniors classes
  • A reserve best junior handler win
  • Toots earned her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) under the direction of her 8 year old handler
  • Java earned his NAC (novice agility certificate) title
  • Tahiti had many great runs for her first agility trial
  • Toots got many Q's in agility
  • From our group of juniors, two different girls won HIT-Jr (High in Trial Junior) in obedience on two different days
July 9, 2009   Happy 8th Birthday!
The Sugar Bear x Chuggs litter born July 9, 2001 is 8 years old today! Moonwater wishes a happy birthday to Sassy, Max, and the other pups from this litter!

June 27, 2009   San Diego County Fair 4-H Dog Show   Del Mar, CA
The Olivenhein Valley 4-H dog group showed in showmanship and obedience at the San Diego County Fair. Many of the kids are also members of the Moonwater show teams. Our dog/handler teams were: Angelina with Toots, Kalli with Boomer (her dog), Michella with Java and Woodie, Erin with Tahiti, Christina with Woodie and Tonga, and Logan with Java and Shadow (his dog). Everyone placed in the top 5 in both showmanship and obedience, excellent job!

ASCA National Specialty   November 7-15, 2008   Las Vegas, NV
The 2008 ASCA Nationals were tons of fun! The highlights of the week were:
  • Foxy got her RV-N agility title with 3 Q's and 3 first places out of 4 r
  • These runs earned her HIGH IN TRIAL VET NOVICE! What an awesome dog at 9 1/2 years old!
  • Java got 2/4 Q's in agility with 2 firsts and 2 seconds
  • Java and Woodie handled by Kelby Pedery-Edwards won 2nd place in brace
  • Hula and Tahiti handled by Judy Pedery-Edwards won 4th place in brace
  • All the dogs made cuts in very tough conformation classes
  • Sugar Bear got a 2nd place, a 3rd place, and a standing ovation in the Veterans 13+ class
  • Moonwater came home with 22 rosettes and 10 trophies. What a week!

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