Obedience Team

There are three levels in dog obedience competition; novice, open, and utility.  Each level requires specific skills that increase in difficulty; they must be mastered before the handler can move to the next level.  Novice level shows skills including heeling, recalls, standing, and staying - all done in a group of dogs.  This level proves that your dog is a good companion.  In the Open level more commands are give while the dog is off-leash.  This level also includes retrieving and jumping.  The highest level, utility, includes scent discrimination, directed retrieves, jumping and silent signals and proves that the dog and handler can work as a team to perform challenging tasks.

The Moonwater Obedience Team is made of Junior Handlers, ages six through thirteen.  Training is led by Judy Pedery-Edwards, owner of Moonwater Aussies and an award-winning obedience competitor.  Judy is also an ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) obedience judge and has competed and titled many dogs in both ASCA and AKC obedience. Visit the Show Teams page for information regarding enrollment.

At the 2009 Wags For Wishes event from July 10-12, two different junior handlers won High in Trial Junior Handler on two different days with two different dogs!! This event was both girls' first time competing in a sanctioned obedience trial.