Moonwater Agility Dogs

Agility Training Dec 09

This is a video from a couple training sessions in Dec 2009. See the improvement in this video from the other two below which were both taken May 2008. Hopefully we will be uploading more videos, but enjoy these for now!

Training May 17, 2008

Moonwater is a member of a dog agility training field in Encinitas, CA, as well as training at home on the agility equipment in the backyard. The field has all the regulation agility equipment: jumps, a-frame, dog walk, teeter totter, tunnels, weave poles, tire, table, and other misc. Moonwater dogs visit the field about 1-2 times per week for training. These are some videos of a few training sessions at the old field.

Training May 24, 2008


Our dogs usually begin coming to the agility field at about 6 months old. They get used to the sights and sounds and watch the older dogs doing the equipment. At about 8 months, the puppy begins training, with flatwork and tunnels. At about a year old, jumping, weave poles, and contact training begin. We familiarize the dogs with all equipment, with the eventual goal of competing in NADAC and ASCA agility trials. Our dogs have been very successful in agility over the years and we are looking forward to the next generation of agility dogs!
To find out about local dog agility competitions in the southwestern US, click here!

If you are an Encinitas (north San Diego county) youth interested in learning agility training, please visit our Agility Team page to learn more about the program.

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