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Last litters in Sept. 2013 were all amazing pups.  Three are being trained for service dogs, three as therapy dogs, one working with an autistic chiropractor, and many wonderful family pets, that are also show quality and beginning their show career soon.

Here is a video of our Sassy x Java, May 2010 litter taken July 7, 2010. The puppies were 7 weeks old at the time.

Sassy and Java's Puppies 7 Weeks

Enjoy this video of 2 puppies from our May 2009 litter

Zoey and Oahu - Puppies At Play

Judy Pedery-Edwards, owner of Moonwater Aussies, is a San Diego Australian Shepherd breeder, trainer and handler living in Encinitas, North County, San Diego County, California. With over forty years of experience with the Australian Shepherd breed, you can be assured that the new addition to your family will meet breed quality standards. Moonwater Aussie's Australian Shepherds are intelligent working dogs with even temperaments. Attentive and animated, their loyal companionship provides for fun and excitement whether at home, in assistance service or in the show ring. Please browse the entire site to familiarize yourself with our kennel and stock.

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