Welcome to Moonwater Australian Shepherds of San Diego...

Moonwater Aussies is an Australian Shepherd kennel located part time in Encinitas, California that is owned and operated by Judy Pedery-Edwards. I am also in Arrowbear Ca.part time as well.  In addition to being a breeder of top-line Australian Shepherds, we compete, with our dogs, at local and national level dog shows in multiple venues.  With our professional handling and training, our stock has won numerous awards in conformation, showmanship, obedience, agility, herding, and trick competitions.  Additionally, our caring and
compassionate training has led to our stock being trained and placed in-service with those with diminished physical capabilities or with those with disabilities that can benefit from a loving and dependable companion. 

Our fine animals, through the San Diego County 4-H program, have also helped develop many local youth into confident young-adult leaders.  Each year, and for the last twenty years, Judy has volunteered to lead and administrate the Olivenhain Valley 4-H Dog Project.  This project teaches elementary, middle, and high school aged youth the basics of dog training and care.  Upon entering their teen years, we help these children develop the leadership skills necessary to run the project meetings.  With so many of our project members being passionate about dogs, we have developed after-school/off-track camp and show team programs that allow them, and other local youth, to further increase their dog knowledge and take their handling skills beyond the basic level.

All local school-aged youth are welcome to enroll in our dog camps and dog show teams.  Our dog camps are mostly week-long day-camps that meet when school is not in-session; fall, winter, spring and summer breaks.  Everything at camp is dog-related, from hands-on training sessions to crafting chew toys and cooking dog treats.   With camps and show teams, knowledge is gleaned in a learn-by-doing environment.  This hands-on method ensures that kids are having fun as they learn.  For show team members, learning takes on a whole new meaning as they develop life skills as they compete.  Confidence is developed in bi-weekly team training sessions and culminates in development as a leader through local showmanship, obedience and agility competitions.   Team members not only learn to become responsible for their animal, they learn that they can rely on themselves to succeed.

Whether you are interested in our stock, our San Diego Australian Shepherd puppies or our youth programs, we welcome you to browse our site and learn more about us.  Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have at moonwateraussie@juno.com

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